3D HD model Bayraktar TB2

The Bayraktar TB2 high-detail scale model for 3D printing.

The Bayraktar TB2 is an operational strike unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) being developed in Turkey. It is capable of speeds of up to 200km per hour and reaches altitudes of more than 8km. The Bayraktar drops bombs and guided anti-tank missiles. At the same time, the drone can remain in flight for 24 hours.



This product is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL file format)

Not vector, not raster file, not G-code. NOT wood or plastic material.

This product is a digital 3d model for 3d printer.

You will receive the model in *.ZIP format,

which is opened and unpacked with WINRAR.

After unpacking you will get 3d model in *.stl format.

The Bayraktar TB2 UAVs feature a high-precision optical targeting system. They are equipped with an infrared and electro-optical camera and a laser rangefinder.
A single Bayraktar TB2 can carry two guided anti-tank missiles UMTAS (laser guided and launch range 0.5-8 km) or four Roketsan MAM-C, Bozok or Roketsan MAM-L precision guided aerial bombs (capable of engaging moving and immovable targets up to 8 km). The Bayraktar TB2 reconnaissance and attack drones can destroy any enemy target. Its high autonomy time allows it to remain airborne at all times and move out quickly to fire a missile when a target has been identified. However, the Bayraktar TB2's high-precision strike capability isn't the only advantage it possesses, the drone also has unique target detection capabilities. Its ability to detect and pinpoint target coordinates from over 50 kilometres away and transmit them online to a command post allows the drone to avoid entering the enemy's anti-aircraft zone, and to transmit target information to other "hunters". It is their characteristics that make these drones extremely dangerous for the enemy army. "They are fast, light, manoeuvrable, lethal, and easy to control. It is difficult for the enemy to defeat these reconnaissance drones, as they are virtually impossible to detect.

Model unpainted.

Scale wingspan: about 375 mm.

The Bayraktar TB2 is a medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV)

Designed and manufactured by the Turkish company Baykar Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.,

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