3D model IWI X95

A scale model of the IWI X95 for 3D printing.

IWI X95 rifle was developed by Israeli company Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd in co-operation with Israeli Special Operations Forces, and is intended mainly for use in Special Forces units. IWI X95 rifle is based on well-proven Tavor TAR-21 rifle design, which has been tested and proven in combat service.



This product is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL file format)

Not vector, not raster file, not G-code. NOT wood or plastic material.

This product is a digital 3D model for 3D printer.

You will receive the model in *.ZIP format, which is opened and unpacked with WINZIP.

After unpacking you will get 3D model in *STL file format

Model unpainted.

TAR-21 or "Tavor" is a modern Israeli 5.56x45mm rifle, manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries. The TAR-21 is a bullpup rifle, which allows for a significant reduction in overall size without reducing the barrel length. Additional equipment includes tactical gun, laser sight, telescope sight with 3 or 4X magnification, night vision device. IMI and Ukrainian company Fort carried out joint production of TAR-21 automatic rifles. TAR-21 is manufactured at Fort factory under the designation Fort-221, in part from Israeli-made components. Since 2009, the Fort-221 assault rifle has been in service with the Ukrainian Security Service, State Guard Service, State Border Guard Service, and Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. The Fort 221 rifles are also in service with the Azov regiment.

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