3D model FN SCAR-L

A scale model of SCAR for 3D printing.

FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) is a weapon system developed by the US division of the Belgian company FN Herstal for the USSOCOM competition for the new assault rifle in 2004. In 2022, during the Russian invasion, several SCAR-L rifles were adopted by the Kastus Kalinouski battalion.



This product is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL file format)

Not vector, not raster file, not G-code. NOT wood or plastic material.

This product is a digital 3D model for 3D printer.

You will receive the model in *.ZIP format, which is opened and unpacked with WINZIP.

After unpacking you will get 3D model in *STL file format

Model unpainted.

The SCAR system consists of two highly adaptable modular rifle platforms and a grenade launcher. Now US DoD type-designated as the MK 16 MOD 0 5.56mm Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle - Light (SCAR-L) and the MK 17 MOD 0 7.62mm Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle Heavy (SCAR-H), both SCAR platforms are available with three different barrel lengths optimized for conducting operations in close-quarters combat, standard infantry and longer-range precision fire roles. All SCAR barrels can be easily interchanged by the operator in the field in just minutes to instantly meet the requirements of virtually any mission. The newly designated MK 13 MOD 0 40mm Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module (EGLM) quickly mounts to the underside of either SCAR platform, providing additional punch to the individual warfighters firepower and can be easily configured for use as a stand-alone weapon as well.

Very useful advices about cleaning and painting frosted ultra detail printed models here:

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