3D model VSS Vintorez

A scale model of VSS Vintorez for 3D printing.

The VSS (Special Purpose Sniper Rifle) "Vintorez" was developed in the early 1980s in the USSR for special operations requiring a low-noise weapon. Simultaneously with this rifle, special ammunition with subsonic bullet velocity, capable of reliably hitting targets at ranges up to 400 meters, was also developed. Such ammunition was the 9x39mm SP-5. Designed for the armament of special purpose units. The Soviet VSS remained in service after the proclamation of Ukraine's independence. In February 2022, special troops of the Ukrainian Special Forces dismantled a Rosgvardiya convoy near the village of Dimer in Kyiv region and took trophy armor, including Vintorez assault rifles.



This product is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL file format)

Not vector, not raster file, not G-code. NOT wood or plastic material.

This product is a digital 3D model for 3D printer.

You will receive the model in *.ZIP format, which is opened and unpacked with WINZIP.

After unpacking you will get 3D model in *STL file format

Model unpainted.

The tactical and technical requirements for the sniper rifle were as follows:

stealthy defeat of enemy manpower at ranges up to 400 m;

penetration of a steel army helmet at a range of 400 m;

Use of telescopic sights during the day and electro-optical ones at night;

compactness and lightness;

Possibility of disassembly into basic units for covert transport and quick reassembly afterwards.

All VSS sniper rifles were fitted with additional day rifles, as ordered by KGB and GRU, and with specially designed day rifles PWS-1 and PO 4 × 34 and NSPU-3 (1PN51) night rifles, respectively. On special request of the KGB the rifle could be easily disassembled into three parts (barrel with silencer, receiver with firing mechanism and stock) and packaged in a Triple-Diplomat-type case (size 450 × 370 × 140mm) together with PSV day sight (1P43) and MBNP-1 night sight (1PN75). The VSS rifle is supplied with a pouch for carrying a scope, four magazines, spares and a pouch for carrying the rifle.

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